Deluxe Double Folding Rollator With Seat (SEE DEMO VIDEO BELOW)

£229.00 £189.00

4 Wheel Rollator with Seat

See below short video set up and folding

Folds in 2 different ways for small boot space take up.

Lightweight Frame

  • Folds in a standing position, 24cm wide making it easy to store and at working height ready for use. Can also be partially folded when required to fit through tight spaces.
  • Folds into a compact size, 86cm high, 24cm wide, 35cm deep for easier storage and transportli>
  • Quick Fold Design
  • Folds quickly and easily in two directions using the simple “Quick Fold” lever
  • Integral Wheel Reflectors for added visibility
  • Walking Stick Holder supplied as standard
  • Quick Release Front Wheels
  • Kerb Climbers on the rear legs help to manoeuvre onto kerbs
  • Robust Satchel style bag
  • Seat width is 460mm (18″) and the weight capacity is 136kg (300 lbs.) 091563980 Days Rollator walker (now obsolete, eq = WA018
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