Patient Bed Alarm + Floor Mat System (Complete Stand alone “wired”)

£149.00 £139.50

Alertamat Complete Stand alone alarm..

Includes floor mat, wiring and alarm monitor

Uses a standard 9v battery or can be used with the sc-Alerta MA Mains adaptor (optional extra see link below)


The Wired Floor+ Alertamat is a robust long-life Alertamat and is most effective when placed at the bedside or doorway; activating the alarm when a user leaves their safe zone by stepping on the mat. This alerts the caregiver to ascertain the user’s safety. The light colour makes it an ideal solution for situations where a dementia user may try to avoid the mat.

The Wired Floor+ Alertamat can be connected to a nurse call system with a 3 metre cable provided for centralised activation, or used on its own, independent of a nurse call system to give localised alerts through the Alerta Alarm Monitor (sold separately).

The Wired Floor+ Alertamat comes with a unique built-in “Y” cable, providing a spare socket for other Alerta devices to be connected – using only one nurse call point.

Key Features & Benefits

  • – Plug-and-play system
  • – Genuine non-slip base
  • – Long lasting welded seals and strong wiring
  • – Hygienic, antibacterial easy-clean material
  • – Large size avoids chance of overstepping
  • – Dementia friendly
  • – Connect to nurse call system or stand-alone alarm monitor
  • – Breakaway cable to reduce trip hazard and prevent damage
  • – Dimensions: 60 x 90cm (23.5 x 35.5″)
  • – System includes: 1x Floor+ Alertamat and 1x 3 metre cable patient floor alarm alertamat sc-alerta pam-sys
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