Call4Care Patient Monitoring Alarm Watch system (With App)


Call4Care Patient Monitoring Alarm Watch system (With App) Technical helpline 01909 776792

For full details see the brochure link at the bottom of the page (under description) for its full features..

This fantastic new monitoring system allows the user to simply press a button when in distress or emergency or even just for that important re-assurance and talk to one of the family if in trouble.

For the family it has an App that they can monitor the patients location using what3words technology / GPS

Family can call the watch from their mobile if for instance the patient has moved to a place of concern etc.

The patient can press a single button and the watch will speak the time.

The patient can press the alarm button that will in turn ring one or a series of family members, and this unique technology will NOT allow an answerphone to “kick in” it will ring the next person until a human answers.

The watch has a built in “Fall Alert” to let the family know if the user has a tumble

2 different options to sign up for;

Friends and family or Full 24/7 monitoring (askk for details (see brochure)

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Call 01623 627565 for more information on the app and features

Top Features To Keep You Safe

GPS Tracking

Lets your Family & Friends know exactly where you are for peace of mind & whenever you need help.

Extended Battery Life

4 to 7 days operation depending on which feature options are chosen.

Call & Talk Via Wristband

Talk directly through the wristband. Clear Digital Call quality always close by for the fastest help.

Automatic Fall Detection

Makes a call automatically when a fall is detected. There is no need to press the call button, this is vital if you have lost consciousness or cannot press the Call Button.

100% Mobile

Use it at home, around the garden and when you’re away from home. Peace of mind wherever you are.

Rapid Assured Connection

Our unique FlawlessConnect TM technology gets you connected more rapidly and reliably than any other service.

Family & Friends App

Keeps your loved ones informed, in contact providing comfort that you are active and well.

Health & Wellness Information

The Perfect Alert Wristband can read Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen % and Body Temperature*

* Health measurements indicative only. Should not be used for professional purposes.

Outstanding Benefits To You

Peace Of Mind To Your Friends & Family

Features & Benefits For Wristband Wearer

  •  100% – mobile works anywhere
  •  24/7 monitored or friends & family monitored, you choose
  •  Talk direct to wristband, always close by, always convenient
  •  Automatic fall detection and manual single button call for help
  •  GPS Tracking with instant accurate location anywhere with What3Words
  •  Extended battery life 4-7 days between charges
  •  High quality digital calling for clear speech
  •  Speaking time & battery level indicator
  •  Medication Reminders
  •  Low battery alerts – warns you so you never run out
  •  Geo-fence location alerts to keep you safe and close by home
  •  Fraud & scam call protection
  •  Steps count for activity monitoring
  •  Sedentary status monitor to alert others if you become inactive.

Features & Benefits For Family & Friends

  •  Peace of mind assurance your loved one has the best connectivity in case of an emergency.
  •  24/7 monitored or Family & Friends monitored helping you provide your chosen support method at all times
  •  Rapid calling to reach help quickly with FlawlessConnectTM (Basic and Plus service available)
  •  Family & Friends App keeps you fully aware of loved one’s status.
  •  Instant, exact location tracking with What3Words to get emergency services quickly (FlawlessConnectTM Plus)
  •  Rapid conference in emergency services for all round comfort for your loved one. (FlawlessConnectTM Plus)
  •  Location history & event history to keep you updated at all times.
  •  Keep informed of any alerts such as low battery or roaming outside of the geo-fence area.
  •  Communicate as a group with other friends and family via the App.
  •  Useful health status (optional) information such as Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen % and Body temperature, flawlessconnect, suresafego alerta watch, patient monitoring device for sale near me. tracker watch for sale, call alert watch for sale, suresafe go alert watch suresafego call alert monitoring alarm

FlawlessConnect Basic & Plus Comparison Table (Click the link to compare both packages)


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