Vulkan Medicollar – Various Sizes Needing Measuring Guidance


This shaped lightweight collar is very comfortable and is suitable for minor neck injuries. neck collar 002697 neck collars for sale in mansfield near me

Once ordered you will be contacted for guidance on measuring the neck support for the correct size, for this you will need to have a flexible tape measure available when we call.. please make sure a telephone number is left on the order pad. IF POSSIBLE PLEASE PREPARE FOR THE PHONE CALL BY USING THE GUIDE MEASUREMENTS BELOW…. 1) How much “lift” is required and the approx length around the neck

The collars are made up of 3 different depths (how high it will lift up youre neck/ chin) Deep, medium or short.. and 3 different lengths (to fit around the neck…. long medium and short.

**** For example Deep Medium is DEEP (High) lift and medium length (SEE SIZES BELOW)

Free measuring available in store …

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Additional information

Deep Long - 9cm Deep x 51cm Long


Deep Medium - 9cm Deep x 45.5cm Long


Deep Short - 9cm Deep x 51cm Long


Medium long - 7.5cm Deep x 51cm Long


Shallow Long - 6.5cm Deep x 48cm Long


Shallow Medium - 6.5cm Deep x 44cm Long


Shallow Short - 6.5cm Deep x 39cm long