Homecraft Key Turner 2, Foldable Secure Key Holding & Turning Device, Locks Keys



Ideal for Limited Wrist & Hand Function

The Homecraft Key Turner is ideal for individuals with arthritis, poor hand strength, and limited wrist function. The key turner is ergonomically designed to hold up to 3 keys, maximising leverage whilst being small enough to suit the vast majority of household door locks. This gripping aid reduces stress on the fingers, hands, and wrist of elderly and disabled individuals.

Provides Leverage for Inserting & Turning Keys

Designed with a large, curved handle to offer leverage for inserting a key into the lock and turning the key. The keys are held in place by a locking lever that holds them steady while the lock is being opened. This adaptive household aid is a great tool for individuals who struggle to hold and manipulate small keys.

Homecraft Key Turner.

Contoured to Fit in the Palm of the Hand

The handle of the key turner is designed to provide maximum control. It features a contoured surface that is easy to grip and fits comfortably in the palm of the hand. The locking lever enables the keys to be positioned separately or folded back into the body of the handle.

  • The key turner requires minimal strength to turn a key, helping reduce pain in fingers, thumbs, and hands
  • Locking lever enables the keys to be positioned back into the body of the handle when not in use
  • Curved built-up handle is designed to improve grip and provide leverage for easier turning of keys
  • Ideal for weakened grip strength, limited wrist function, and those who struggle to hold or manipulate small objects
  • Available in different versions, the turner is constructed with a contoured surface that fits comfortably in the palm of the hand sc-hc 091102243

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