Twin Handled 3 Pronged Folding Walking Cane (The Extra Handle Helps with Standing) with SUSPENSION

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Twin Handled 3 Pronged Folding Walking Cane (Helps with Standing) with Suspension!!

This fantastic new product has lots of features

1) Its a great walking cane / stick

2) Its Folding

3) It has an extra handle that helps the user to stand from a sitting position (See gallery pic)

4) The extra handle folds away easily when using the cane normally (see pic)

5) It has a 3 pronged base support (similar to that of the world famous Hurrycane) for extra support when walking

6) It comes with a wrist Strap

7) It doesnt fall over when standing up (on a flat surface)

8) It has a soft Suspension (as the tri tip hits the floor) !!



The Twin Handled Walking Stick features a second handle, helping to support the user when beginning to stand from a sitting position or when lowering to sit down.
This walking aid provides three points of contact for superior balance and stability. It also pivots to help the user maintain balance on inclines, uneven ground and shifting terrain. Unlike traditional walking sticks, this new model features a built in shock absorber to reduce vibrations and improve user comfort.
Folding side handle for use when standing up from a lower position
Side handle can be folded up when not in use
Total height adjustable from 84-94cm
Second handle height 64-74cm
Height adjustable in 5 increments
Folds easily into 4 sections for travel and storage
Three points of contact with the ground provides excellent stability
Built in shock absorber for improved comfort
Tactile rubber handgrip and comfortable foam on the side handle
In built strap to help secure when folded
Diamond design non-slip base with firm rubber grip
Free standing design
360° pivoting head
Weight – 400g
Max user weight 130kg (20.5st)


  • SKU


  • Label

    Twin Handled Walking Stick

  • Length

    84-94cm (33-37″)

  • Barcode


  • Hand Grip Height

    84-94cm & 64-74cm

  • Product Weight

    400g (0.9lb)

  • User Weight Capacity

    130kg (20.5st)

  • Wrist Strap


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