Quad Cane Large Base


Large Base Quad Cane

Product Features

WS026L Large Base Quad Cane 77-103cm 5055785722437 970g 127kg (20st)
  • Stick has four feet which are set wider apart than those on standard quads to offer greater support and stability
  • Larger base 28cm x 17cm (11″x 7″) is offset from central shaft and therefore less likely to obstruct user’s foot when stepping through
  • Swan shaped curved neck on shaft allows user to distribute weight centrally for increased safety
  • Shaft is made from robust, yet lightweight aluminium that is easy to clean and base is chrome plated for longevity
  • E-clip height adjustment from 79cm-104cm (31″-41″)
  • Non-slip rubber ferrules provide added security
  • Maximum weight capacity 127kg (20st) sc-med WS016L
  • Swan shaped curved neck
  • E-clip height adjustment
  • Non-slip rubber ferrules
  • Lightweight aluminium
  • ws016-20quad-20cane-20user-20manual ws016L SOON TO BE med-ws026L

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