Rotating / sliding seat that fits most bathlifts for easy transfer


Rotating and sliding seat for bathlifts

The Vitaturn L is a useful accessory for a bathlift, allowing easy and comfortable positioning and turning when transferring on and off a bathlift. The Vitaturn L provides side to side movement as well as a swivel

Features and anti-slip surface for added safety
Is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre
Allows users to swivel and move side to side on the Vitaturn L to facilitate transfers into and out of the bath
Smooth rotating operation
2cm (1″) height on seat still maintains good water immersion

Seat for a Bathlift that spins rotates and slides along the channel into the bathing position.

Seat turner for the bath, transfer board for the bath

Seat turner for a bathlift sc-med 101385 vitaturn L white, rotating seat for a bath lift for sale in mansfield near me, rotating sliding seat for a bellavita bathlift


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