Medium Walking Frame with FOREARM Supports and removeable rear skids


Medium frame with wheels and Forearm supports.

Please see the height adjustments for suitability.

Before ordering this product please CALL 01623 627565 to check  availability… FREE in store demonstration / suitability recommended.

Due to the size of this product please select large items (£8.50 premium delivery)


The Forearm Platform Walking Frame enables users to spread their weight through their forearms instead of their hands.

  • Comfortable padded armrests
  • Features vertical handgrips
  • Velcro straps offer added safety and security
  • Product Features

    Forearm platforms are ideal for those who do not have the manual dexterity to use the grips on a standard frame.

    • Comfortable padded armrests
    • Vertical handgrips
    • Velcro straps offer added safety and security
    • Helps to disperse weight between user’s arms and legs whilst walking
    • Ideal for users who prefer to weight bear through their forearms
    • Variety of widths and sizes available: Ultra-Narrow, Domestic and Hospital frames
    • Wheeled and non-wheeled versions available
    • Forearm platforms can be purchased seperately
    • Walking frame with forearm supports, sc-med 10284w+sc-med 1028fp-30
    • drive walking frame with stand up straight forearm supports for sale in mansfield near me
    • Walking frame that takes the weight off of the hands.
    • sc-med 10284w+sc-med 1028fp-30

    • The Forearm height adjustment (at the forearm bent position 90 degrees) is 93cm min- 100cm max
      Please stand in a straight position, bend the arms 90 degrees , stand straight and measure the distance from th floor to the forearm… If it is between 93cm + 100cm the product is ideal…

    • walking frame with forearm supports

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