Deluxe Tap Turner Fits most sizes of crystal or crosshead taps (LAST ONE)

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Deluxe Universal Tap Turners. (obsolete when gone)

The Deluxe Universal Tap Turners are designed to aid in the home without being an eyesore, the sleek and stylish design make the item look like a fashionable extra in any household. The colour co-ordination helps to distinguish between hot and cold taps. The long handles create longer levers meaning little effort is required to turn the taps.

Product Specification:

  • Deluxe Universal Tap Turner – Pair
  • Designed for strength and versatility
  • Fits most sizes of crystal or crosshead taps
  • Long shaped handle offering excellent leverage; can be pivoted for ease of use
  • Colour-coded to facilitate installation onto hot and cold taps
  • Includes gauge to facilitate fitting and adjustment of the tap turners sc-med mehh01red (nla when stock gone)

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