Crosshead Tap Turners (Pair)


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Pair of Crosshead Tap Turners

Purposeful Design

The strong moulded turners are designed specifically for X-shaped taps, which is typically the most difficult to turn, and simply hooks over the top and begins to work straight away, making it easier to turn taps on and off for those with faded grip strength, conditions like arthritis, or disabilities.


Designed in red and blue plastic, they’re created for hot and cold taps and are suitable for both wash basins and bath taps. As they’re colour-coded for hot and cold water, they’re ideal for people who are partially sighted, reducing the risk of accidental scalding.


The Homecraft Crosshead Tap Turners are made for ergonomic tap use and offer a simple solution to an everyday problem many people have across the world. Homecraft has been dedicated for over 40 years to improving quality of life for those who need it. aa6200y or 091102102

  • Designed specifically for crosshead, x-style taps
  • The strong, lightweight, moulded plastic turner is suitable for all hand sizes and abilities
  • Provides the user with extra leverage for grip that has faded, for disabilities, or for injuries
  • Hooks directly on to crosshead taps for secure use, turning, and long term use
  • Colour coded turners are red and blue for corresponding hot and cold taps

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