Shoprunner 6 mph Model 4022 Midi 6 Deluxe


Shoprunner Midi 6 Deluxe Mobility Scooter ……CALL 01623 627565 for details)

Now with upgrade deluxe seat and larger wheels (see Gallery images)

Call 016232 627565 for details on this scooter

This fantastic new model has a new style tiller and ALL ROUND SUSPENSION. This suspension system is usually only seen on larger 8mph models, leaving this mid size scooter an extremely high spec for the price. Shoprunner 4022 midi 6 6mph mobility scooter

Dimensions: 1205mm Long—  640mm Wide —— Seat Height (seat folded down) 920mm
Weight capacity 120kg (19 stone)
P&G UK Controller
25 Mile Range*
Weight 95kg
Speed 6mph

Batteries 2 x 35ah …….. (45ah available as an upgrade = +£80.00)

Shoprunner 6mph mobility scooter with suspension captain seat

1) Most affordable 288lbs, 19 stone Capacity* 4-wheeled scooter.
2) Great manoeuvrability for its size and a smooth, comfortable ride
3) Emphasises safety and stability with innovative standard features that
provide the comfort and security you need to manoeuvre indoors and
4) Presents added security with safety features such as durable front and rear
bumper, “run on” too fast protection, and anti-roll back/ forward.
5) FRONT and REAR SUSPENSION for that comfortable ride.
6) Front basket .
7) Four wheels increase stability and balances the item as you manoeuvre
around corners or over rough terrain
8) Standard ultra-sleek flush mount integral headlight, and easy to
access computer based-controller, makes operation easy and convenient
9) Softer and more comfortable ride: air-filled tires that cushion the impact
while travelling over rough terrain, along with suspension gives a great drive.
10) Added safety features as standard.
11) Supplement good driving habits with the security and freedom of

1) Model number: Shoprunner 4022 Midi 6
2) Weight capacity: 288lbs (19 stone max)
3) Maximum speed: up to 6 mph.
4) Ground clearance: 4″
5) Turning radius: 58″
6) Overall length: 49″
7) Overall width: 24″
8) Tires (front): 3.0″ x 10″ pneumatic.
9) Tires (rear): 3.0″ x 10″ pneumatic.
10) Anti-tips: rear.
11) Suspension: Front and Rear
12) Weight without batteries: 120lbs.
13) Heaviest piece: 60lbs (rear section)
14) Drive train: sealed transaxle, 24 volt DC motor.
15) Braking system: electronic, regenerative and electro-mechanical.
16) Deluxe seat now as standard.
17) Swivel and foldable moulded high back seat.
18) Battery charger: off-board, 5amp (standard)
19) Per-charge range: up to 25 miles* Dependant of weight carried etc
20) Battery 2 x 12V deep cycle.
21) Battery size: 12v/35Ah Motor 400watt
22) Warranty: 1 year limited warranty
23) Colour: Shoprunner Blue.

6mph mobility scooter for sale with all round suspension, large wheels and 25 mile range*

New mobility scooters for sale with free demonstration, scooter fully assembled with full local back up for warranty and guarantee





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