X-Line Foot Orthotics Insoles (pair)



X-Line Foot Orthotics Insole

An effective shoe insole offering an introduction to simple foot orthoses. Versatile, easy to use and low volume in shoes. Flat bottomed, so wedge can be applied easily. A deep heel cup offers more stability and added patient comfort. A midfoot saddle improves biomechanical control. A 1st ray ‘Dell’ improves 1st ray mobility. Includes a pair of X-Lines shoe insoles and 4 and 8 degree rearfoot posts. pain relieving shoe insoles for sale in mansfield near me

  • Small: Size 3-5 … 091273044
  • Medium: Size 6-8 … 091273036
  • Large: Size 9-11 …091273028

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Small 3-5, Medium 6-8, Large 9-11

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