Mobility Scooter Rear Lockable Box



Mobility Scooter Rear Lockable Box

This lockable rear box comes complete with the square male fixing shaft / square to slide into youre existing “female” square under the scooter seat

If you do not have a female square fixing under youre seat Do not order !!!!.

The bracket simply slides into place, you then use YOURE existing bolt / pin to hold the bracket of the box onto you’re scooter…. THE SHAFT MAY NEED TO BE CUT TO THE CORRECT LENGTH IF THE BOX STICKS OUT TOO FAR….. (This needs to be done by yourself  / anyone that can measure the shaft that has a vice and a hacksaw)

This is a universally designed accessory that can be made to fit any scooter with A SQUARE FIXING UNDER THE SEAT… BUT there may be a small element of “fitting / engineering” involved… Really easy for anyone with a vice and a hacksaw and a small amount of common sense / engineering knowledge.

The box will need to be far enough back from the scooter seat for it to open, and the scooter box can be removed easily and quickly if you do not need the box for a particular journey.

Dimensions – 40cm Wide…… 37cm Long…. 25cm Deep

Mobility Scooter lockable storage box for a mobility scooter for sale in mansfield near me

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