Mobility Scooter Alarm with 2 Remote Controls


Mobility Scooter Alarm with 2 Remote Controls

This easy to fit mobility scooter alarm is easily “set” by pressing the “arm” button on the remote key fob. If anyone “rocks or moves the vehicle a high pitch alarm sounds.

The key fob also has a “pannick” button which set off the alarm if the driver is in any “trouble” alerting passers by.

The alarm / receiver unit just needs wiring to one of the 12 v batteries and mounting on a secure place near to the batteries AND THATS IT………

Can also be used in many other applications where the vehicle or item has a 12v battery to power the alarm, like motorcycles, powered wheelchairs etc 

Any customers living in the Mansfield area can have their scooter collected, the alarm fitted and the scooter re-delivered for an all in price of £49.50

But as mentioned the alarm is quite easy to fit AND CAN BE SENT ANYWHERE MAINLAND UK IN JUST 2-3 DAYS.

Read up;

  • Built-in high sensitivit Vibration Sensors,with user friendly software design.
  • Motorcycle alarm system1.ARM2.Disarm3.Sensitivity Adjustment4.Search Vehicle

    5.Six audio sound

    6.5 class remote sensitivity adjustment

    7.Low power consumption,battert life not in any way affect

  • Technical Data:Alarm host:Working Vlotage:12V±3VAlarm loudness:115dB-120dBStatic current:≦5mA

    Working temperature:-20℃~+85℃

    Main frame size:80*73*40mm

  • Remote control:Working frequency:315MHZWorking
    Vlotage:3VPower:button battery CR3032



  • Material: plastic
  • Color: black
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