Longer Extension bar for Drive Powerstroll Powerpack


Longer Extension bar for Drive Powerstroll Powerpack

See the gallery images for the dimensions / location of the hub

This longer extension bar allows the standard Lightweight Drive Powerstroll (pwcpp010) to fit a wider chair, where the original bar is too short and the powerpack doesnt sit central..

Often with the lightweight powerstroll the standard bar HUB LENGTH (see gallery image) isnt long enough and the pack sits to one side of the chair when fitted.. This bar has a hub to shaft length of 270mm allowing the pack to sit central… (see pic)

THIS EXTENSION BAR ALSO FITS THE “S DRIVE” POWERPACK  also allowing the pack to fit wider chairs

Before ordering simply lay out your existing extension bar and compare the measurements to the gallery pic measurements… you will see the hub length is longer than the standard….

Generally people make the mistake by thinking its the length of the inner pole thats the only problem, which may be true if the chair is very wide, but even a slightly wider chair can have problems with the standard bar that comes with the powerpack…. The crucial bit in this case is the 270mm measurement (see drawing)…..

So if you want to make youre lightweight pwcpp010 or S drive PWCPP009 fit a wider chair then this is the part for you..

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