Lille Small Shaped Pads (28pk) 600mls Absorb


Lille Suprem Light Small Incontinence Pads

The Lille Suprem light incontinence pad is designed for light to moderate incontinence.

The anatomical design of these products favour the active and independent user, but rest assure no performance has been lost with these smaller more discreet pads.

The highly absorbent incontinence pad comes with an acquisition layer to ensure quick absorption, whist the anti leakage leg barriers keep all fluids in.

These incontinence pads also include absorption indicators so you’ll know when it’s time to simply throw them away.

The adhesive strip on the back of the pad also means you can wear these incontinence pads inside any close fitting underwear.

The Lille Suprem Light Incontinence Pad is available in the following sizes and absorbances:

28 pieces per pack

600mls absorb

091196633, SC-CS LSFE3141-05