Lille Large Shaped Pads (25pk) 2230mls Absorbency


The Lille Suprem Form Extra Plus are Large Shaped disposable pads with a discreet and durable polyethylene backing. This backing is breathable and waterproof, regulating air for to promote greater skin integrity and superior leakage protection. The hydrophobic leg barriers are elasticated fit that truly secures against the body stopping any urinary leaks. incontinence pads for sale in mansfield

In the event of an accident, these large shaped pads quickly absorb liquids and their unique high loft layer helps to keep the user’s skin dry and comfortable. Suitable for defence against moderate to heavy levels of urinary incontinence and faecal smearing. The built-in Odour Control system and super absorbent polymer  protect the user’s dignity during extended use.

The Lille Suprem Form Extra Plus Pads feature a wetness indicator that notifies the user or their carer when the product needs to be changed for cost-effective protection. 091197003 large shaped pads, SC-CS LSFM5141-05

Pack 25

2230 mls absorbency

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