Left Hand Wrist Brace (Medium)


Left Hand Medium size Wrist brace

Anatomical Design

The Vulkan Wrist Brace is made to contour to the human wrist. With a removable metal stay that can be bent and molded to any position needed to provide maximum support and protection, it offers customizable levels of immobilisation.


Whether you suffer from degenerative joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, repetitive sprains or strains, or simply need a little muscle support in your wrist, the Vulkan Wrist Brace is a useful tool.

Completely Customizable

This brace comes with elastic stitching, an elastic thumb loop, and three hook and loop closure straps for complete adjustment and fitting variability. The Metal stay is easily removed and inserted on the bottom of the brace depending on how much support you may need. sc-hc 091240902 left hand vulkan wrist support, wrist brace

  • Helps limit excess movement to support the wrist joint and surrounding muscles
  • Available in sizes small to extra-large and is a neutral beige in colour
  • Made with a removable, malleable aluminum stay which allows the clinician to create the correct position needed for the patient
  • Soft stitched elastic edging with hook and loop closure tabs for an adjustable fit
  • Helps to relieve sore aching wrists from repetitive strain injuries, sprains and rheumatoid and arthritis pain and Carpal tunnel syndrome.   left hand medium wristb brace support for sale in mansfield near me, wrist supports for sale