Fully Folding ONLY 19kg The Mobie Free Mobility Scooter


New Lightweight 19kg Mobie Free Folding Mobility Scooter

MobiFree Folding Mobility Scooter

SEE link (bottom of page) to demo video on how to open and close the scooter

Stylish, tough and totally reliable, the marvellous MobiFree is a folding legend!

5 Reasons our BEST-SELLING MobiFree is a customer favourite…

  1. Folds in 5 seconds!
  2. A brisk 4mph pace
  3. Up to 9 miles range
  4. 18 stone capacity
  5. Lightweight Only 19KG*

*without battery

The MobiFree Folding Mobility Scooter boasts a versatile and easy to use design. Each scooter can hit a top speed of 4mph and has a maximum battery range of up to 9 miles.

One of the features which makes the MobiFree so appealing is its unique manual folding system. Opening and closing in only 5 seconds, it’s the most user-friendly folding mobility scooter on the market.

This makes it perfect for shopping and getting out and about, with each unit easily fitting within the boot of your car.

In addition to its compact design, the MobiFree Folding Mobility Scooter tips the scales at a feather-light 19kg (battery excluded). This makes MobiFree the go-to mobility scooter for those who like to be active and get out and about.

Fully folding lightweight mobility scooters for sale in mansfield near me. Lithium battery

sc-mon mobie free

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