Conti Standard (large) Patient Cleansing Dry Wipes Pack of 100 Wipes


Pk 100 – 32mm x 28mm Large Wipes

Bulk Prices available subject to availability by calling 01623 627565

Great when used for patient cleansing with our Senset Cleansing Foam (See below)

Conti Large Dry Wipes


Provides the most cost-effective option for healthcare professionals, combining strength and performance with a light weight material.

Material – Polypropylene

  • Perfect for applying creams and washes, and ideal for regular use on sensitive skin
  • C-fold embossed wipes dispenses 1 individual wipe for greater hygiene and reducing waste
  • Dimensions: 33cm x 28cm
  • Tried and tested – Conti wipeshave been used by NHS professionals for over 30 years
  • 100 pack size

Perfect for everyday use, Conti Standard Large Dry Wipes are cost effective wipes that ensure both your budget and your skin are cared for.

These dry wipes are soft to the skin.

Conti™ is one of the leading brands of dry patient cleansing wipes in the UK and has been supplied to the NHS for over 35 years.

Conti Standard Dry Wipes provide an ideal cleansing solution for continence care. Each dry wipe is strong, durable and soft against your skin, ensuring gentle cleansing for all skin types.

Strong and Durable

Conti Standard Dry Wipes are heavier and stronger than some standard wipes, guaranteeing a thorough cleanse, without falling apart in your hands.

Versatile Cleansing

Unlike other wipes, Conti dry wipes are purposely designed for heavily soiled skin and continence care. They can even be used with anti-bacterial creams and cleansing foams.

Suitable for Different Skin Types

Conti Standard Dry Wipes can be used on all areas of the body. As they as super-soft, they can be used on delicate or sensitive skin without causing irritation.

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