New Battery Handset (Lithium) For Bellavita Bath lift (free delivery available)

£99.00 £79.50

Battery Handset For Bellavita Bathlift

Genuine Spare part from the Drive factory (not a copy)

Lithium battery handset pack for a drive bellavita bathlift

  1. Please note these lithium battery packs come with a factory “seal”.. If the battery seal is tampered with (i.e. split the casing in an attempt to access the batterys within) there can be NO returns accepted as the item cannot be resold once the seal has been split / tampered with.

Bellavita Bath Lift Handset By Drive DeVilbiss

  • Replacement handset only
  • Only suitable for the Bellavita Bathlift
  • 12 Month warranty

Replacement Bath Lift Handset For Your Bellavita Bath Lift

The Bellavita Bathlift handset is a replacement for the original handset supplied with your bathlift. This handset will only work with the Bellavita Bathlift and cannot be used on any other lift.

Remote Control Unit On A Coiled Cable

The Bellavita Bath Lift has a full featured handset, including a multi-position reclining button that allows the user to control their position while bathing. The bath lift features a convenient one-touch pendant for functionality while bathing.
The Bellavita Bath lift is an easy way to help you in and out of the bath or shower. It gives safe, reliable support with a simple, comfortable design.

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