6″ Raised Toilet Seat NO Lid


6″ Raised Toilet Seat NO Lid


A universal toilet aid that makes sitting down and standing up from the toilet easier. Made in the EU, with an easy cleaning plastic surface and hygienic cut out at the front of the seat; the Ticco range brings a greater level of support for those that need it. Models are available in three heights and with / without a lid to best meet the user’s needs. sc-med 523600350
Ergonomically designed to fit onto existing toilet bowls with a tool free assembly
Providing a high maximum user weight to support a wide range of users
Hygienic cut out at the front
Smooth plastic surfaces for easy cleaning
A recessed grip on the lid
Lightweight for easy transportation and installation
Manufactured in the EU
Models available with and without lid and in three heights
523600350 Ticco 2G Raised Toilet Seat without Lid (15cm/6″) 15cm (6″) 39cm (15.3″) 39cm 1.4kg (3lb) 225kg (35st)

6″ raised toilet seat without a lid for sale in mansfield near me, drive raised toilet seats for sale 523600350

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