35″ handy Reacher Grabber


35″ Reacher Grabber

The Deluxe Handy Reacher is part of the Aidapt range of personal aids and features a durable gripping claw and comfortable handle/trigger. Handy Reachers can help to reduce excessive pressure on your back, as sometimes experienced when reaching or bending over. A magnet is attached to the tip for picking up smaller items.

  • Deluxe Handy Reacher
  • Extra long at 35″ length
  • Strong gripping claw and soft handle
  • Magnetic tip for picking up metal objects
  • Aid for helping to pick up items in the home or garden
  • Use as a litter picker
  • sc-ai vm901el = 35″ grabber
  • sc-ai vm901e = 32″ grabber
  • VM901E VM901EL
    Net weight (kg) 0.2 0.22
    Colour Black, Silver and Blue Black, Silver and Blue
    Length 32″ 35″
    Magnet Yes Yes
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