100 x Disposable Adult Bibs with Pocket, Self Adhesive Clothing / Dining Protector – 100 pack


Pack of 100 Adult Bibs (Disposable)

These plastic backed disposable adult bibs are large enough to provide great coverage against spills and the pouch at the bottom prevents food from falling onto the lap when feeding. The absorbant material with plastic backing means that spilled liquid or drool is captured and does not damp the clothing underneath.  Attached to the wearer’s clothing by simple self adhesive tabs.   Also available in a tie neck fastening design in larger value pack size and a flame retardent model.  Each bib is approximately  38 cm x 59 cm. Portects wearers clothing from accidental spills.  9cm crumb catcher. Disposable to reduce laundry costs. There are 100 bibs in total in this case. Packed in poly bags of 100. Disposable adult bibs near me in mansfield